A new BlockWorld Game!

Today we can look back on over a half year of active BlockWorld development. It has been evolved into a very nice 3D game for high-end Android devices. But a lot of people don’t have that fast Android devices and can’t enjoy their BlockWorld experience. To spread this game to every device class I decided to create a new BlockWorld game that’s using just two dimensions instead of three:

BlockWorld 2D

  • will fully base on the original game and both share the same game content. The whole environment is completely broken down to 2D.
  • will get a completely overworked game control to meet the new 2D requirements.
  • will be published separately from the original BlockWorld.
  • will be designed to be smoothly playable on the HTC Desire that was released in 2010. It’s a good reference platform and comparable to modern low/mid-end devices in performance.

Important: I’m not going to stop developing the original BlockWorld. All future content and feature updates will effect on both games, BlockWorld and BlockWorld 2D, because they share the same game engine. When I’m reaching a larger target audience there will be even more motivation for me to spend time in developing on BlockWorld.

Here is a (very) first impression of a proof of concept of the new BlockWorld 2D running on HTC Desire with 29fps:

I’m planing a free public testing phase of “prerelease snapshots” before the official release. Feel free to share you thoughts in the comments.


More content now also on Adventure Mode (0.15-beta)

The items from the last update are now available to the Adventure Mode! I also upgraded the file format for storing the world information. Once converted into the new format (this happens automatically) it load’s faster.

Version 0.15-beta

  • Tons of new crafting recipes and new items available to Adventure Mode!
  • Upgraded world data format that loads faster, if once created (Already created parts will automatically converted on-the-fly)
  • Increased targeting range by 30% in Builder Mode (Greetz to Kalimbo)
  • The selection indicator doesn’t appears on a screenshot anymore


More content, more features, more fun (0.14-beta)

The first update in 2012 brings you more content, more features, more fun!

Version 0.14-beta

  • NEW: Over 30 new block items! (Currently available to Builder Mode. Adventure Mode integration will follow with the next update!)
  • NEW: Visual Styles let you choose between 4 graphics styles (i.e. get some M***craft-feeling with the RETRO-style!) at the “Performance”-options-page
  • NEW: Player can now target water, mine it or build on it
  • IMPROVED: Improved Performance of World Loading


Visual Styles

The next update will introduce an option to choose between 4 different visual styles. Here is an overview image:


Retro looks similar to a famous computer game you might know 😀
Here is better example of the Retro look:


Simple Flowing Water (0.13-beta)

You can now let the water flow. Just remove a block next to water block. It doesn’t fills up empty blocks automatically to avoid messing up your whole world because of one mistake.

Version 0.13-beta

  • Added simple water flow dynamics (as the first feature of the new Living World Engine. More features will come!)
  • Changed physical model of the player. You are a bit taler now.


Game Balancing (0.12-beta)

Here is another update that improves some “game balancing”-related stuff. Yesterday I played a while and noted all thing I’d like to change. Here it is! :-)

Version 0.12-beta

  • Player gets a lot more XP from building and mining
  • Improved physic calculations of animals
  • Added falling damage for player and monsters
  • Fixed bug when cannot mining M-size blocks with L-size tool
  • Reduced POWER costs of blocks: Concrete, Grey Brick and Leaves
  • Frosters now have more health. Raised spawn ratio of angry frogsters
  • Increased attack radius of Rams
  • Increased XP reward of Wolfs
  • Now showing current player level next to XP bar
  • New Physic Engine now uses the Gravity settings from the options
  • Tuned the “Automatic Performance Optimizer” to ensure at least HIGH viewing distance
  • Improved Monster Selection Algorithm
  • BlockLaser doesn’t requires POWER anymore


New Physic Engine (0.11-beta)

Here is a new fresh update that improves your BlockWorld experience :-)

Version 0.11-beta

  • Heavily extended the Physic Engine
  • Monsters / Animals are now calculated with the new Physic Engine (They are not perfect, but a lot better. I keep on improving this!)
  • Added physical interaction between player and monsters. Sheep pushing! Yay 😉
  • Removed near building range limitation due having new Automatic Stuck Solver
  • You can build ladders!
  • Dramatically improved game performance. You can now define your prefered World Loading Strategy in the performance options.


Performance Update (0.10-beta)

This update increases the performance of the rendering engine and introduces the new POWER attribute.

Version 0.10-beta

  • Added player attribute POWER in adventure mode. Instead of time for processing, the player will consume POWER. POWER raises while leveling up and improved will reduce the power consumption.
  • Improved the Rendering Engine to reduce lags and to increase game smoothness (FPS counter now works more realistic)
  • Render Engine now automatically reduces detail to keep FPS high
  • Increased viewing distance on EXTREME graphics mode
  • Typo correction (big thx to carsondm)
  • Added “Save & Exit” in the white submenu

Usablity Update (0.9-beta)

It took a lot of time but now it’s finally there: the Usability Update! with lots of new and improved stuff!


Version 0.9-beta

  • Different Block Sizes are now better integrated into the game
  • Completely overworked game usablity with new in-game menu system, animations, beautiful graphics and a HD Text Render Engine
  • Sounds!
  • Improved Quests: Now with more story
  • Monsters are now available in builder mode
  • Possibility to choose only friendly monsters
  • Full hardware support: Control BlockWorld with keyboard or game controller!
  • Block Laser item as Quest Reward
  • … a lot more!