Multiple world slots and new game modes

The beta update will introduce multiple slots for worlds (savegames). When creating a new world you can choose between two different game modes:

Adventure mode
This is the default game mode. You fight against monsters, collect and craft items. You can increase your power by collecting experience points and leveling up.

Builder mode
The builder mode allows you to express your whole creativity without limits.

  • You have unlimited access to all blocks
  • Block building and block mining actions are instant
  • You have the “super-jump” that allows you to fly around in jet-pack-style
  • There are no monsters to care about and you are generally invincible

The builder mode and multiple world slots will only be available in the full version.



With the beta update all items will get a durability attribute. This is the average count of uses you can expect from the item. The durability is evaluated statistically.

Example: With a durability of 100 there is a 1% probability that your item will get broken while using it. On the average you can use it 100 times.


The new world system in beta

I’ve got some fresh conceptional information about the new world system in the beta version. As you might have read your current savegames won’t be compatible with new world system.

The world of BlockWorld consists of different zones. A zone is a 64x64x64 area that you’ve used in the alpha version. Every zone has a certain topic. That could be i.e. meadow, mountains, mines or something like that. Every zone topic has it’s own characteristics regarding monster types and materials. A level generator will create random scenery. A zone has also a reference level. In a level 5 zone there will be level 5 monsters. It’s no good idea to visit that zone if you are still level 1 😉

These zones are connected via magic portals. You start in the first zone and find a portal there. It leads you to the second zone. There you can find another portal to the third zone and so on. Higher zones will have higher reference levels. You can find more valuable materials and items in a high level meadow then in a low level meadow.

There could also be multiple portals in one zone that splits up your way. A special zone is the dungeon. It’s some zones depth and at the end there is a treasure or a dungeon lord. The dungeon lord is a challenging guy.

You can also go back to the beginning by passing the portals in opposite direction. So it’s no problem to travel from zone 10 to the start zone. Explored zones can be used to build you houses, castle and masterpieces of block art :-)

Crafting recipes and precision levels will also have a level requirement. You start with simple abilities and improve yourself when reaching higher levels. You can level-up by collecting experience points (XP). You can get experience points when you fight against monsters, collecting or building blocks.


New savegames with beta update

The beta update will change the world data handling. Your current savegames will not be compatible with the update.

I will publish a special edition of BlockWorld that contains the state of last alpha version, so people can visit their old worlds. The regular BlockWorld installation will not notice your old savegame files.


Crafting update! (0.0.25)

I’m currently working hard to get BlockWorld to beta phase. Today I finished the crafting system. You can craft recipes (that require ingredients to create a result). Some recipes require a certain player level.

Version 0.0.25-alpha

  • Added new crafting system
  • You can test crafting on 4 recipes
  • Added Super Hammer item that makes more damage and removes blocks faster (can be crafted)
  • Now you can delete items in inventory
  • Changed skills page to show your current level and XP


Monsters Part 2 (0.0.24)

I just finished the second part of the monster update. Now the game acts more like an action RPG game.

Please note that all the content is just for testing and will be replaced completely. Also the saving of the player attributes is currently disabled. Everything will be improved in the future updates.

Version 0.0.24-alpha

  • Added health, xp and level parameters and added a HUD for that
  • Added possibility to fight with monsters
  • Added combat and notification message system
  • Added monster item drop and introduced new “ingredient”-item-type (sometimes dropped by monsters) as a preparation for the crafting system


Monsters Part 1 (0.0.23)

As promised in my last post I’ll bring you some monsters. This is just an intermediate step in monsters and fighting. Future updates will extended these with a fighting system, as well as features like experience points and item dropping.

Version 0.0.23-alpha

  • Implemented monsters with two basic mentalities (aggressive and anxious)
  • You can bully each other but not hurt (real fighting system comes in a future update)
  • Set FPS limit to 40 fps to save energy
  • Internal code optimizations


Some evolution (0.0.20)

Next step in evolution: melting inventory and game world!

Version 0.0.20-alpha

  • BlockWorld evolves and some things changed!
  • Everybody starts with an empty inventory (only equiped with a hammer)
  • The player can now collect blocks from the world
  • Collected blocks appear as material items in the inventory
  • The player spends collected blocks when putting them into the world
  • Area for putting blocks must now be completely empty (No more partial block-overwriting)
  • The inventory is now saved with the game
  • A new in-game menu page “Specials” offers the possibility to fill the inventory with material items to compensate the current lack of raw materials in the game world

High precision cubes! (0.0.19)

Now finally there: the high precision cubes!

Version 0.0.19-alpha

  • Added high precision cubes
  • Added pitch-to-zoom in inventory
  • Added inventory item information menu
  • Added frame limitation to 60 fps to save processor time
  • BlockWorld now correctly stops and should not drain battery in background anymore
  • Dramatically increased physic engine performance (improved jumping on slow devices)
  • Added possibility to jump while climbing, that allows climbing up buildings and doing Parcour-style actions
  • Physic engine collision detection runs now on highest precision (XS / +3)
  • Improved render engine (Now it uses more aggressive timing to reduce remashing delays)