All exams passed

After a (more or less) short period of different exams I can now focus back on the BlockWorld development. In the remaining weeks of September I want to finish all basic elements of the game.

  • “Monsters” and other computer-controlled in-game characters
  • Crafting system and a lot more items
  • Larger environment and different world types
  • RPG-System with XP gaining and item dropping

These four points are currently missing game basics. They will be introduced step by step and extended in future updates.

I will start with the “monsters” and you will receive a first update in the next week.



Dear BlockWorld fans,

there are currently the six-month (semester) exams at my university. They are very important and I need to focus on them with the highest priority. So there is less time for me to continue developing BlockWorld right now.

Thank you for your appreciation!


Lags and Voxel Graphics

While I’m doing good proceedings in rewriting the Game Engine, I want to inform you about lags. That occurs when you add or remove block and when you move around. The reason of the lag is computation. BlockWorld extracts geometry out of the world data, removes not needed cubes and sends them all to your graphic processing unit (GPU). The requires a lot of computation power.

Many people think that Voxel Graphics (also used in Minecraft) are poor and very easy to render. The opposite is the case! Current good looking games use tons of gigabytes of textures to reduce the geometrical complexity. Everything is looking nice because of hundreds of art-worker doing a perfect job. The geometric complexity with Voxel Graphics is a lot higher and varies with the count of visible cubes.

You can reduce the count of visible cubes to reduce lags. There are two main factors:

  • Viewing range: what you can’t see, doesn’t need to be rendered. The computation time increases exponential with the viewing rage.
  • Details: When you remove a small cube out a whole cube, it replaces one cube with multiple others.

The option to set the viewing range will be supported with the new Game Engine. If tested it and it dramatically reduces the lag time. As a third option you could get a faster device, for example a Samsung Galaxy S2 (I use that for testing… it will be very good supported).