Free Version vs. Full Version in beta

In the beta the difference between the Free and the Full Version is defined more clearly. I will introduce a level cap. (The maximum level the player can reach)

In the Free Version players can reach up to level 10. After reaching this level cap players can continue playing as long as they want. They just can not level-up to level 11.

Players with the Full Version can go up to level 20 (for now). That full version level cap will be raised with free content updates.

All in all people have the possibility to try out the game for the first 10 levels. Then they can decide to extending their adventures by purchasing more content.


New Discussion Board

In reaction of the high amount of feedback (~100 mails per day) I added new features to this page to improve the quality service infrastructure:

The official Block World Discussion Board that allows you to

  • Post and discuss new ideas
  • Post and discuss existing problems / bugs
  • Post your created stuff in the “showroom”

Also I added new page “FAQ” with the mostly asked questions.

To force the outsourcing of BlockWorld discussions I temporarily disabled the Blog comment function.

The future of this project

Now I reached a point where I need to think about the future of the BlockWorld project. I’m currently working each day after my regular job into the night to build my own game and to realize my childhood dream. And this for 4 weeks now.

I must say, that I feel a little burned out. I am only working, working and working. Then I have a lot of contact with the gamers and respond to nearly mail and try to help. I have a certain quality approach to my game. This eats up a lot of time. And time is the element I don’t have.

I can drop the game development and say “Okay. That was great, but it was too much for me.” But in this 4 weeks there are a lot of people that see in BlockWorld a really value Android game. And it’s true. My principle is to give you a game where you play hundreds of hours, where you have the freedom to do so much, only limited by your creativity. This is my aim.

But I wanted to make clear is, that I do want to continue this project. And I need time for that. So the only applicable solution is to making BlockWorld to a full time project. I will have the time I need, as well as the resting time my body needs. But that implies that I can live from that project, what again implies to charge a little fee to support my work.

I am thinking about approx. 5 EUR to help funding this project. This price will increase when reaching beta and so on. So early supporters will have a price-advantage. This price is less than a cinema visit, where you have just 2 hours (more or less) fun. Or a fast food meal where you are finished in 10 minutes. If you like my game, it will be worth to you.

I will also add some bonus features to the supported “full version”. Supporters get a some special block items in different colors to create wonderful things, even the project is still in alpha state.

Market Link: BlockWorld Full Version