Game Balancing (0.12-beta)

Here is another update that improves some “game balancing”-related stuff. Yesterday I played a while and noted all thing I’d like to change. Here it is! :-)

Version 0.12-beta

  • Player gets a lot more XP from building and mining
  • Improved physic calculations of animals
  • Added falling damage for player and monsters
  • Fixed bug when cannot mining M-size blocks with L-size tool
  • Reduced POWER costs of blocks: Concrete, Grey Brick and Leaves
  • Frosters now have more health. Raised spawn ratio of angry frogsters
  • Increased attack radius of Rams
  • Increased XP reward of Wolfs
  • Now showing current player level next to XP bar
  • New Physic Engine now uses the Gravity settings from the options
  • Tuned the “Automatic Performance Optimizer” to ensure at least HIGH viewing distance
  • Improved Monster Selection Algorithm
  • BlockLaser doesn’t requires POWER anymore