General Questions

I have a problem with … ?
Please use the Problems section in the Official Discussion Board to tell me your problem. Other people often have the same problem. There we can bundle up our experience.

Do I need to re-buy when the game is going Beta or Final ?
No, you get all bonus features in Beta and Final Version.

I have a great idea. What about … ?
I’m very open for new ideas or game concepts. There is an Idea section in the Official Discussion Board where we can collect and discuss new ideas.

When will be the next update ?
I’m trying to update the game regular. The update times and count are chosen spontaneous in alpha-state.

When is feature XYZ going to come ?
Currently there is much to do.  I can not make any binding statements depending new features now. I’m looking forward to get many features in my game :-)


Technical Questions

How can I improve the performance of the game?
Replacing your slow device with a new fast device will give you the best results. If you are not able to get a new device, you can try reducing the viewing distance in the game options.