Escape the cage: Large World Update (0.8-beta)

After about three weeks works of hard work it’s finished! Now BlockWorld deserves it’s name. A giant unlimited landscape awaits you!

Version 0.8-beta

  • NEW: Unlimited World Size! (As a pioneer in mobile sandbox gaming BlockWorld provides sophisticated endless world generation! Sorry that your old zones won’t work anymore but a new large world awaits you to get discovered. Slow devices should use low complexity for level generation!)
  • NEW: A lot of new block types, weapons, tools and crafting recipes added to BlockWorld!
  • NEW: Introduced swimable water (Engine doesn’t support transparent water. Please don’t request transparent water!)
  • IMPROVED: “Help I’m Stuck”-button now works undestructive!
  • IMPROVED: Simplified existing crafting recipes alot! You will love it!
  • IMPROVED: Weapons and tools and now level-based instead instead of heaving different generations


Halloween Fun Update (0.7-beta)

Happy Halloween!

Version 0.7-beta

  • NEW: Halloween “Pumpkin” block (craftable with 5 Grass) to celebrate Halloween!
  • NEW: Gravity Control in the game options to have some funny jumping action
  • INFO: I am currently working hard on increasing the world size. Soon you will have an unlimited large world! Give me some time to do that 😉


Faster Rendering Engine and Quick Item Selection (0.6-beta)

The rendering engine is really fast now! You will also enjoy the quick item selection.

Version 0.6-beta

  • NEW: Quick Item Selection when touching the on-screen menu button!
  • NEW: Hold your finger for a 1/2 second on an inventory item (in the inventory) to quick select it.
  • IMPROVED: The Render Engine dramatically increased it’s performance!(Senad wrote that he would buy it if it runs smooth on very high @SGS2. Keep your promise 😉
  • CRAFTING: Increase crafting productivity of bone meal, brick stone, wood plank and bone meal.


New improved viewing control (0.5-beta)

This update introduces a brand new viewing control. It tries to find out if you are doing precise movements or fast turns. If you don’t like it, you can set up the old controls.

Also there is a new “Help I’m stuck” button that moves you to a random position. You shouldn’t normally get stuck, but if somehow, you don’t trash your savegame.

Version 0.5-beta

  • NEW: Complete new look-around game control. It has an intelligent precision feature that allows you fast turns as well as high precision movements. (People who liked the old control can active the “analog stick”-mode in the options)
  • NEW: Extended sensitivity options (now from 5% – 1000% adjustable)
  • NEW: “Help I’m stuck”-button (accessable via options) transports you to a random position. If somehow a bug gets you stuck you can free yourself.
  • FIXED: Improved block rebuild smoothness on slow devices (Geometry flickering bug)
  • FIXED: Save/exit buttons reaction in game menu
  • FIXED: Crash when doing screenshots with low memory
  • INFO: I’m currently also working on the MINE content addon. It’s not finished, yet, but will come in a future update.


Maintenance update (0.4-beta)

This update solves some problem including memory-related crashes and the loading problem (sky bug). Also it introduces a new distribution model. BlockWorld is now separated in “BlockWorld Lite” (free) and “BlockWorld” (full version).

Version 0.4.4-beta

    • Patch 0.4.4: Fixed loading bug / sky bug (big thx to tyrell)
    • NEW: Undo-Button in Builder Mode. You can easily correct wrong placed blocks. An innovative feature first seen at BlockWorld :-)
    • NEW: BlockWorld changed it’s distribution model. Instead of complicated unlocking procedure there are now two separted Apps: “BlockWorld LITE” and “BlockWorld”. If you purchased the full version you can uninstall the free version. You’re savegames won’t get hurt!
    • FIX: Memory issues that made forces closes
    • Prepared internal infrastructure for future updates


Super Performance Update (0.3-beta)

I took some time and completely rewrote the whole Render Engine. It’s enables far viewing distances, high FPS and no lags. I also added an option to reduces the complexity of the scenery that comes out of the Zone Generator. If chosen “low complexity” the Generator will create scenery that is easy to optimize. Slows phones should use this option and low viewing distance.

Version 0.3-beta

    • NEW: Rewrote the Render Engine from scratch. It’s now awesome fast!
    • NEW: Builder Mode Demo is now available to BlockWorld Free Version (Saving disabled as restriction)
    • NEW: Zone Generation Complexity can be defined in the options. Zones generated with low complexity will be significantly faster in rendering, saving and loading! (Recommented for old devices)
    • IMPROVED: Internal datastructures
    • IMPROVED: Meadow Zone Generator now marks out the zone borders with ivy blocks. Note: Only new generated zones are effected by Zone Generator changes.


Performance update (0.2-beta)

See for yourself:


Version 0.2-beta

  • Significantly improved the Geometry Extraction
  • Added new Render Engine (“Modern”) that is nearly lag-free and more smooth on modern devices (High GPU Requirement)
  • Slow device please switch the render engine to “Classic” in the options!
  • More stable zone switching