Join 3,000 blockchain & cryptocurrency investors, entrepreneurs, professionals, and developers in Silicon Valley this September! BlockWorld 2018 will be the world’s largest crowd-powered Blockchain event with 3,000 participants voting on the top speakers, awards, startup pitches, and digital book entries. Our goal is to give the community the power over the BlockWorld Conference.

2018 Theme: The Decentralized Cloud

At BlockWorld, we believe that cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, and decentralized apps are just the beginning of a larger move towards a decentralized cloud. Instead of one company or one cloud managing / owning your data, identity, or app, blockchain makes it possible for decentralized data, decentralized ownership, decentralized identity, decentralized infrastructure and software. This is a paradigm shift away from the monolithic cloud towards the decentralized cloud. In the same way that the internet and internet protocols decentralized information, blockchain will decentralize the cloud itself.

BlockWorld includes a conference, expo, and startup competition covering all of the following topics:

  • Bitcoin and emerging cryptocurrencies
  • Cryptocurrency investing
  • ICOs Developing new cryptocurrencies
  • Ethereum and smart contract development
  • Changing FinTech with smart contracts
  • Starting a blockchain startup
  • Decentralized app development
  • Regulation and cryptocurrencies
  • Blockchain and security
  • A vision for Internet 2.0

Discover Financial Innovation

Blockchain represents one of the most disruptive technologies to the finance industry. From distributed ledgers and cryptocurrency to an identity security and a decentralized cloud of financial activity, both Fortune 500’s and startups are finding innovative ways to apply blockchain technology to the financial sector. Come learn about the future of the financial industry.

Enterprise Identity & Security

Learn about how blockchain will change the enterprise implementation of identity & security. Blockchain represents a new cryptographically secure decentralized database of identity information, and innovative companies are finding new ways to deploy enterprise identity & security on a large scale.

Imagining Internet 2.0

Blockchain is not just changing the concept of money and finance, it is changing the way we think about the cloud itself. Imagine a single decentralized cloud of software, data, identities, activities. This would result in a new ecosystem and platform for all future decentralized apps.

Ethereum & Smart Contracts Innovation

A great deal of blockchain innovation is based on ethereum and smart contract innovation. How do you develop on ethereum and what are the applications of smart contract development?

Conference Schedule

Main Stage Workshop Stage 1 Workshop Stage 2 Workshop Stage 3 Workshop Stage 4 Expo Stage 1
Thursday Morning Keynotes; The Future of Money OPEN TALKS FinTech & Blockchain Ethereum & Smart Contracts Dev Security & Cryptography OPEN TALKS
Thursday Afternoon Keynotes; The Internet 2.0 & The Future of the Web OPEN TALKS FinTech & Blockchain Ethereum & Smart Contracts Dev Security & Cryptography OPEN TALKS
Friday Morning Keynotes; Blockchain Journal Q&A
Blockchain Awards
OPEN TALKS Crypto Crowd-Funding Ethereum & Smart Contracts Innovation Blockchain, Governance, Compliance OPEN TALKS
Friday Afternoon Keynotes; Blockchain Startup Competition
Hackathon Final Pitches
Blockchain Launches
OPEN TALKS Investing in Cryptocurrencies Ethereum & Smart Contracts Innovation Blockchain, Governance, Compliance OPEN TALKS