Media Partners

Media Partners

Angel Launch is a leading producer in Silicon Valley of events connecting startups and high growth public companies to early and mid-stage investors. Invited investors include angels, VCs, corporate, academic, and early stage and emerging growth companies, researchers, incubators and service providers.

Blockchain Educators is a leading online learning platform that helps anyone learn Blockchain in business, software, technology and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals.

SF Beta brings technology entrepreneurs together to showcase the best of the Bay Area startup scene. At each of our events, we provide a live, dynamic space to socialize, network, and check out startups demoing around the room, throughout the night. Come discover the next breakout idea, expand your network of like-minded entrepreneurial technologists, and be a part of SF Beta!

Kred Scores showcase your Influence and Outreach. Your Influence is how often you inspire action and your Outreach is your generosity to others. How is Kred different from Klout and other Influence Scores? Kred is completely transparent. While other influence scores give you a number that might change over time – You often can’t see how or why it has changed. Kred is the only platform to include both an Influence and Outreach Score, which can be monitored on an Activity Statement that highlights why you are influential and in which areas you might need to improve.

BOOSTO is a decentralized blockchain platform that connects social media users with blockchain community. It allows influencers around the world to launch blockchain based influencer stores selling products and engaging with their audience with dApp, thus forming a decentralized influencer/fans-driven economic system.

T1000 supports top blockchain developers to privately connect with the best industry opportunities that match their goals, interests and other professional criteria. In addition to receiving world-class representation, T1000 developers gain access to exclusive career development opportunities such as high-end technical workshops, events, and training courses to evolve their technical skills. T1000 approved members are also eligible to receive future token incentives for piloting new platforms from ecosystem partners.

Level students come from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences. Whether you strive to make a career change, advance in your current role, learn a new skill-set, get industry experience, or kickstart a Master’s degree, Level can help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

Women Who Code our mission is to inspire women to excel in technology career. We envision a world where women are proportionally represented as technical leaders, executives, founders, VCs, board members, and software engineers. When you become a part of Women Who Code you gain access to programs and services that are designed to help you step up your tech career. We have over 137,000 members who are career-aged tech professionals operating at each level of the industry.

The Blockchain Hub The first of its kind in Canada, The BlockchainHub brings together education, research and technology incubation, to catalyze the full potential of Blockchain to transform industries and disrupt existing value chains. The BlockchainHub, has been designed in response to the needs of industry professionals, fascinated by the potential impact of Blockchain technology on existing organizations, new ventures and financial markets.

F50 is a venture capital platform that searches for the most extraordinary companies in the world and connects them with a community of global investors, especially leading players from Silicon Valley and China. F50 identifies the most promising technology companies in North America by leveraging the collective intelligence of our investor network, corporate partners, and industry experts. F50 supports the growth of these companies with venture capital financing and global market development, together with our cross-border network of VC, PE, corporate, and strategic investors.

TokenExpo is a two-day event that includes demos, networking and expert panels and discussions about the most crucial commercial developments and technical innovations in the field of FinTech and Blockchain. TokenExpo and FTOB conference will bring together over 1500 delegates from more than 70 countries, with over 80 speakers and 100+ companies, that make up the foundation of the Blockhain and FinTech ecosystems.

1.21 Gigawatts hosts the Blockchain Summit 2018 which will be happening on September 27, 2018 San Jose. The Blockchain Conference 2018 will bring together a diverse range of experts who will discuss all the opportunities, challenges and exciting possibilities in innovation and disruption that can be leveraged in San Jose using this technology. National banks and regulators, exchanges and investment banks across the world are taking seriously the financial innovation of distributed ledger or block chain technology. The block chain, aka Trust Machine underpins “crypto currencies” such as Bitcoin; but it goes beyond digital money. It provides a shared, trusted, public ledger that everyone can inspect, but no single user controls. It is at the cusp of revolutionising international money transfers, trade finance, syndicated lending and collateral management, among other applications. As it allows for almost instantaneous payments and settlement, the potential impact on the role of traders, quants and other financial technologists cannot be underestimated.

Community Partners

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